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Top Bsc Nursing college in Bangalore


We have established the institution to set new yardsticks in the field of nursing training. To keep pace with the fast industrial revolution of the nation, we are determined to implement advanced knowledge and training to our students for the benefit of society at large.


We implement the latest teaching techniques and update our training tactics. Touching the lives of people with better care and support is our primary mission. Our vision and focus are to become a leader in the world of medical research and education. Catholic ethics rightfully guide our principles and practices. We choose to remain available for the patients in the most affordable manner. We believe in “World-changing ideas. Life-changing impact.”


Health care involves the well-being of not only physical health but mental health too. Letting people enjoy self-care provides the basis of nursing. It requires a critical understanding of human behavior and psychology.
Our extensive nursing program trains up the students in the field of professional nursing along with midwifery knowledge. The critically designed academic curriculum and framework follow the directions laid down by the National Health Policy 2002. It is an exercise for the mind to practice and calculate critical thinking skills.
The student-friendly learning environment helps the students experience learning in a more enriching manner. The university graduates can fulfill the patients’ demands without breaking any ethical code in both personal and professional fields.