Why choosing Bsc nursing could be the best decision for your career.

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The transforming healthcare industry and the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted a demand for the healthcare professionals, such as nurses, across India like never before. How do experts view the nursing profession, and how does the shortage of nurses affect the healthcare industry? Or Are you struggling to find the best Bsc nursing colleges in Bangalore? Or are you still mulling over taking up nursing courses? Choosing a nursing course could be your best career decision! Making an informed career decision can be life-altering; therefore, knowing the perks of taking a nursing course helps. This article presents why you should choose nursing over any other course. 

Why Should You Choose Nursing Over Others?

A Survey was conducted at Loyola Institute of Social Science Training and Research, Chennai, India, to identify the intention of students to join the nursing courses. During the survey, there were about 13 potential reasons why students study nursing over others. About 86% of students believe it is easier to find a nursing job, 80.5% choose the profession to get a better salary, and about 85.2% believe the domain will boost their self-confidence. 

The intention was a mixture of personal and career-driven. Being able to help others and protect human existence adds more value to the profession was the dominant reason for the students to choose nursing. Job security, stability, flexibility, and other perks have convinced students to take nursing. The students were right! You could hardly get a career choice that would provide all these benefits.

The pandemic has instilled in us the importance of the healthcare industry. The public understands the importance of timely medical treatments to avoid significant consequences. 

With the rising health-related applications across various sectors, you will not leave without a job after graduation. Therefore nursing is often termed a recession-proof job.

While on the other hand, the perks of being a professional in the healthcare industry will help you outside your work. You can perform first-aid for your relative in an emergency. Therefore nursing profession has gained insurmountable demand in recent times due to these benefits.

How Do You Benefit by Choosing a Nursing Career?

Diverse specialization:

The vast options in the medical sector for serving patients offer nurses the chance to choose the specialization they prefer. There are diverse specializations in the medical industry, and you can choose according to your preference. Some of the disciplines include 

Ø Post-surgical care

Ø Cardiac patients

Ø Stroke victims’ care

Ø Emergency Nursing

Choose to work aside hospitals: 

You will not be limited in choosing your area of work. The service of nurses is hugely appreciated in prisons, schools, large corporations, and even insurance companies! 

Better work-life balance: 

Unlike other professions, nurses can enjoy work-life balance as they are mostly asked to work on a shift basis. They can also have better work experience due to better working conditions. 

Excellent wages: 

The healthcare industry has realized the importance of the nursing role as they can’t do without nurses. The increasing economic crisis and health-related crises across the globe have increased their overall value. Such factors have resulted in excellent wages and excellent job security for nurses.

Compared to other sectors, nursing can enter the workforce easier and quicker. Taking a nursing course in any of the best Post-basic nursing colleges in Bangalore helps you reach  your career goals faster. The Post-basic nursing courses help you learn advanced-level nursing and prepare you for various clinical or hospital settings.

Is The Demand For The Nursing Profession Increasing? 

Yes! Nurses are considered the cornerstone of the global healthcare system. They care for the patients, not the doctors. Some reliable statistics show that India has only 1.7 nurses per 1000 people. Additionally, the demand for nurses across diverse sectors is increasing. At a recent discussion at Karnataka global investors meeting on November 2, 2022, Dr. Shetty spoke about the post-pandemic shift. During the debate, he addressed the next major health crisis – the shortage of nurses. (Source :timesofindia )

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the stress and pressure caused during the times, many nurses have retired across European countries. Thus, these countries are looking for nurses from countries like India. Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, the chief scientist at World Health Organization, has also joined the resignation argument.

Due to the increasing demand, the salary for nurses is also expected to increase up to four times. Now, this is why you should choose nursing over others.

However, the renowned cardiologist Dr. Shetty mentioned that the training for nurses should include hands-on training such as interpreting ECG and collecting blood-gas reports rather than classroom or library studies. 

Are you wondering about the industrial data? There are only 3 million registered nurses across India, with over 1.3 billion population. According to the WHO norms, India will need about 4.3 million skilled nurses by 2024. WHO norms state that there should be at least three nurses for the 1000 population, which is still scarce. (Source : thehealthsite )

According to the present scenario, Indian medical infrastructure clearly shows higher demand for nursing professionals. However, to become a skilled nurse, getting trained at leading BSc nursing colleges in Bangalore is essential so that you can be a trained professional by the end of the course.  

What Does Nursing Expect From You? 

Nursing is an intrinsic role in the healthcare industry, where the professionals must monitor the patient’s response to the treatment and administer timely medication and therapy. 

Nursing includes illness prevention, geriatric and regenerative care, and care for differently-abled people. 

Therefore the profession demands skills such as being proactive, quick decision-making, organizational skill, multi-tasking, and being attentive to details. A lot of these skills can be developed and acquired over time. However, getting trained at one of the best Post-basic nursing colleges in Bangalore is essential to become job ready after graduation.


The nursing profession’s global reputation and perspective have changed for the better. Nursing lacked professional and social status back in the time of independence. However, recently, nurses have been treated fairly and superior for their contribution to the world. The immense career benefits, flexible nature, and growing demand for the profession are expected to increase the profession’s value in the future. 


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