What You Need to Know About Post Basic Nursing Courses

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post-basic nursing college in Bangalore.

You may be one of many who failed to score good marks in board examinations. You may be one of many people who still dream of having a successful career. If you choose nursing as the career option, you are on the right path to earning great success. The Post Basic Nursing course is for you if you are keen on earning for your family and yourself. This article discusses various aspects of post-basic nursing courses. You will get a complete idea about the courses, fees, admission process, curriculum, and others so that you become empowered to make the right choice. Eager to know more? Please continue reading to get an overall idea about the course. 

Why Will You Choose a Post-Basic Nursing Course

If you have completed a GNM course in nursing and are thinking about studying more, you must opt for a post-basic nursing course. If you are keen on earning as soon as possible but want a decent salary, you must opt for a post-basic nursing course.

So, what are the key requirements? If you have not studied physics, chemistry, and biology in 10+2 standard, you can study post-basic nursing courses. But, you must have completed the GNM course and have one year of professional experience.

If you have studied physics, chemistry, and biology in 10+2 and want to pursue nursing, you can choose to pursue a B.Sc nursing. It is a four-year course.

The Post Basic Nursing and B.Sc in nursing are equivalent but later take four years to complete. If you have done GNM, have professional experience, and are interested in pursuing M.Sc in nursing, you should opt for a Post Basic Nursing course in a reputed post-basic nursing college in Bangalore.

Course Overview of Post-Basic Nursing Course

Post-Basic Nursing is a two-year undergraduate course. Students must pass 10+2 or equivalent exams and have a General Nursing and Midwifery certificate. The course trains students to understand various aspects of nursing and become experts in the profession. It is a professional course that trains students in medical and surgical nursing, maternal nursing, mental health nursing, and child health nursing. These are the key specializations students can pursue while studying post-basic nursing courses. 

The course aims to make students eligible to make decisions in the workplace. It trains students to become well-versed in nursing fundamentals, microbiology, and other subjects to grasp critical nursing topics easily. 

Completing the course makes students registered nurses under Registered Nurses and Registered Midwives (RNRM). This course makes students eligible to join any healthcare organization as trained nurses. 

Post Basic Nursing Course Entrance Exam

There is no national entrance exam conducted for admission into post-basic nursing colleges. However, in Bangalore, students are required to crack the Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET) to become eligible for admission. Students in West Bengal are required to clear Joint Entrance for Post-Basic Nursing (JEPBN) exam. Many post-basic nursing colleges in Bangalore take direct admission of students. However, clearing the KCET will give them an added advantage. 

Course Fee of Post Basic Nursing Course

The course fee for post-basic nursing education varies across different post-basic nursing colleges. An estimated course fee structure has been mentioned below.

1st Year 2nd Year
Yearly Fees INR 148526 INR 152982
1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester 4th Semester
Semester Fees INR 76763 INR 76763 INR 78991 INR 78991


Programme Structure of Post-Basic Nursing Course

The post-basic nursing colleges teach students different subjects related to nursing for two years. Teaching these subjects ensures that students will develop expertise and knowledge in different domains of nursing. The table below gives a snapshot of the program structure of the Post Basic Nursing Course. 

Years Topics Theory (Hrs) Practical (Hrs)
1st Year Foundation of Nursing 45
Dietetics and Nutrition 30 15
Biochemistry and Biophysics 60
Psychology 60 15
Maternal Nursing 60 240
Child Health Nursing 60 240
Microbiology 60 30
Medical and Surgical Nursing 90 270
English 60
2nd Year Sociology 60
Community Health Nursing 60 240
Mental Health Nursing 60 240
Introduction to Nursing Education 60 75
Introduction to Nursing Administration 60 180
Introduction to Nursing Research and Statistics 45 120


Eligibility Criteria of Post-Basic Nursing Course

  • The Indian students are required to secure at least 50% in the GNM exam to get admission to Post Basic Nursing Colleges in Bangalore. The students must have at least one year of professional experience.
  • Foreign students must secure 50% marks in the respective entrance exam to secure a seat in nursing colleges in Bangalore. They must have studied all the pre-requisite subjects. 
  • It is mandatory that the students are registered nurses or registered midwives under any State Nursing Registration Council to become eligible for a post-basic nursing course.


Post Basic Nursing Course Admission Process

The students are required to fill out the admission form of respective post-basic nursing colleges to get admission. The admission form must be submitted within the due date. The students are required to appear in the aptitude test and interview process before finally being selected for the post-basic nursing course. 

Many nursing colleges in Bangalore take direct admission of the students based on their results in the 10+2, GNM exam, and professional credentials. However, many nursing colleges in Bangalore mandate that students are required to clear an aptitude test as conducted by the institution. Many institutions check the result of the KCET exam to select students for the course.

You should consult your preferred institution to learn more about its admission process. We recommend that you should not delay the process as the competition is severe. If the respective institute selects students based on a first-come-first-serve basis, delaying submitting admission can jeopardize your chance of getting admission. However, most of the nursing colleges in Bangalore select students based on merit. They declare a merit list of selected students based on the applications submitted. 

Post Basic Nursing Salary

The salary of a post-basic nursing graduate depends on various aspects. It mostly depends on the organization where they seek employment, their performance in the recruitment process, their overall qualification, and their professional exposure. However, based on data gathered from various sources, a comprehensive salary structure for post-basic nursing graduates from reputed nursing colleges in Bangalore has been put forth below.

Designation Average Salary in INR
Staff Nurse 2.51 LPA
Registered Nurse 2.92 LPA
Critical Care Nurse 2.97 LPA
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor 3.60 LPA
Nurse Educator 3.90 LPA
Nursing Supervisor 4.25 LPA


These are the key aspects you need to know before joining a post-basic nursing course in the best nursing college in Bangalore. Post-basic nursing is a professional course. It prepares students as per the industry demand. The key benefit of studying the course is that it offers you two choices to choose from. After completing the course, you can join any respective nursing position in a healthcare organization and continue studying M.Sc in nursing. The professional experience is regarded with high value in the nursing industry as it offers you a better understanding of the professional challenges, industry demand, patient demand, and other key responsibilities. So go ahead to choose the course as your career choice. It will certainly be valuable and important for your career growth. 


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