What are the Benefits of Taking a Post-Basic Nursing Training

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Post Basic Nursing College In Bangalore

There are some excellent employment profiles for nurses in India. However, it is entirely up to the nursing aspirants to determine how committed they are to serving the community. Plus, the abilities and knowledge determine how hard professionals work and perform well. No one can prevent a hardworking individual from becoming a professional and accomplished nurse in the future. If you have completed a General Nursing and Midwifery course and are thinking of sharpening your skills, enroll in a Post Basic Nursing College In Bangalore.

The Following Job Profiles Are Suitable For Fresh Graduate Nurses:

  • Nursing Officer in Charge
  • Officer of Nursing Aide
  • Nursing specialist in rehabilitation
  • Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care
  • Nurse Paramedic
  • Manager of Nurses
  • Educator/Instructor/Lecturer of nursing institutes
  • Specialist in Community Health

Why Should You Pursue A B.Sc In Post-Basic Nursing?

This job-oriented course focuses on the fundamentals and training required to become a specialized nurse. In addition, the demand for registered nurses and caretakers is increasing in India’s healthcare industry. As a result, now is a perfect moment to enroll in this course. You can apply for jobs in hospitals, clinics, medical institutions, and other settings.

One can expect to receive yearly compensation packages of over INR 1 lakhs. Nurses get promotions based on their experience. Aside from that, you can work as a manager, a community health specialist, a chief nursing officer, and various other positions. What could be more reverent than to serve humanity?

The Difference Between B.Sc Nursing And Post Basic Bsc Nursing

The duration of Post-Basic Nursing has a span of two years. Also known as P.B.B.Sc Nursing, this course provides a mixture of hands-on training and classroom lectures. It aims at training nurses healthcare professionals in working at hospitals and clinics. Its objective is to train nursing students with adequate experiential learning as possible. This way, they become skilled in providing care to patients. They do so by monitoring the medical condition of the patients, administering medications, communicating with healthcare providers, maintaining medical records, etc.

Post Basic B.Sc Nursing also paves the path for students to pursue higher studies and go for a master’s or Ph.D. When you are not a science student and want to start a career in nursing, you have to sign up for a GNM course and then go for post-basic Nursing training.

Both courses are almost similar except for duration. Bachelor of Science in Nursing is an undergraduate program with four years. The objective of this course is to demonstrate competency in the skills and knowledge of nursing aspirants. B.Sc nursing students learn about comprehensive nursing care based on problem-solving skills in hospitals and communities.

Post Basic Nursing Eligibility Criteria
  • The candidates should complete class 10th from a recognized board.
  • The candidates should or may complete class 12th.
  • The candidates should obtain a course certificate of GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) a three-year diploma.
  • The candidates should have a training certificate issued by the Indian Nursing Council or its equivalent.
  • They should have a registration number of Registered Nurse and Registered Midwifery from a state nurses registration council.
  • The admission process is entirely different for different colleges; however, most colleges conduct entrance examinations.

The course of post-basic B.Sc Nursing aims to develop critical thinking skills, competence, and standards in students required for professional midwifery and nursing practices. Post basic B.Sc program involves nursing of the ill or wounded. The requirement of Post Basic B.Sc nursing graduates is persistent in many sectors, and its demand will increase in the future as well constantly.

Post-basic nursing graduates may require an extra year of learning. But their learning process is so elaborate that many clinics prefer them over B.Sc nursing graduates.


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