Top 5 exciting career options in Nursing for you

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The exponential increase in people infected by COVID has led to acute shortages of healthcare professionals and medical aids such as masks, personal protective equipment, and ventilators. This is a significant crisis for the nation. However, WHO states there was a shortage of 2 million nurses in India even before the pandemic! Considering the huge demand for professionals, some of the Post Basic Nursing Colleges nationwide are deploying new strategies to catch up with the shortage crisis. If you aspire to get into the profession, you must learn some of the best career options ahead of you. Read this article to discover the rewarding career options.

Choose The Five Exciting Career Options in Nursing for Tremendous Growth:

B.Sc nursing course is incredibly lucrative and offers excellent salary packages and gender unbiased. Also, in several multi-specialty hospitals, the nurses are provided with specialized training in a myriad of specialties that are desperately needed. Aside from the emergency service providers, the nurses in every prospect are paid competitive salary packages, and nurses did not go unemployed at any time in history.

However, providing you with some exciting career options after completing the nursing course:

  • Director of Nursing:

The role of “Director of Nursing” involves leadership to the nursing staff, curating policies and procedures, and ensuring compliance with regulations. They must ensure that the teams are qualified, back up the recruitment processes, and take care of their retention and training.

They are also involved in quality assurance, where they have to track the changes in the regulations and ensure the staffing is made in compliance with the rules. They also collaborate with other professionals, such as physicians and therapists, to provide the best possible care for the patients.

Due to their varied responsibilities and work pressure, they are highly rewarded in the organization. The role of the Director of Nursing requires a lot of commitment toward patient care, budgeting, and maintaining higher standards across the board. Therefore they form a crucial part of the healthcare sector. 

  • Teacher of Nursing:

The teacher of nursing works towards developing and updating the nursing curriculum in line with the latest nursing practices and regulations. The design of the nursing curriculum should stay updated based on the norms imposed by the regulatory bodies. 

The health care systems and patients’ needs have evolved, and the curriculum in nursing schools needs to adapt to the new prospects. The governmental regulations are mandating the updated curriculum for nursing students to ensure relevance and the latest evidence-based practices and technologies. The updation in the nursing curriculum also addresses the shortage crisis and ensures quality healthcare in varied healthcare settings. 

Nursing teachers incorporate topics such as cultural competency, patient-centered care, and interprofessional collaboration into the curriculum and provide holistic and patient-centered care. Thus their role is crucial as it builds the foundation of the healthcare sector. 

The nursing teacher is also involved in evaluating nursing students and providing feedback and support for their improvement. Their challenges are primarily staying relevant and updated with the advancing techniques, regulations, and medical practices. 

Therefore, the role of nursing teachers is crucial in developing the healthcare sector.

  • Industrial Nurse:

Industrial nurses carry out their duty in industrial settings to assess workplace hazards, accidents, and injuries. They also work in the aspects of health promotion and disease prevention. Therefore they involve themselves in a series of research to understand the causes of the spread of diseases that are observed in industrial settings.

Some of the Best Nursing Colleges in Bangalore offer valuable resources, libraries, and research centers for industrial nurses to practice. Also, the industrial nurses work on immediate medical care for the employees when employees get sick in the work environment. 

Moreover, they must work in line with the local emergency services and handle things professionally. The patients involved here are employees. Therefore they are trained in handling insurance policies.

They have diverse responsibilities and are different from those who work in hospital settings. They are primarily involved in maintaining accurate records of employee health assessments, injury reports, and occupational health and safety compliance.

Also, they are expected to work with other healthcare professionals, such as occupational therapists and safety engineers, to promote employee health and safety.

Although the challenges in the industrial setting are massive, they positively impact the health and safety of the employees, and they potentially enjoy a significant career advancement in the field of occupational health.

  • Critical Care Nursing:

Critical care nurses are put into processes such as continuous monitoring of patients who need urgent care, ventilator management, medication administration, care planning, and patient assessment. Some of the leading Post Basic Nursing Colleges in Bangalore train specialized nurses to conduct comprehensive checks, reading and evaluating vital signs, laboratory values, and diagnostics tests. 

Critical care nurses are expected to be decisive and proactive to take the right action at the right time. They are also expected to communicate the conditions to other medical professionals working alongside them. Therefore these life skills are a vital part of the training period. 

Critical care nurses have to cope with the fast-paced and highly stressful environment and deal with the family of the patient’s emotions and grief. Moreover, there is a high chance of getting emotional burnout, facing judgments, and other challenges. Therefore these nurses are rewarded heavily for their contribution to the healthcare sector.

  • Travel Nursing:

Travel nurses are primarily recruited to fill in the gaps of demand in different locations. Therefore travel nurses get to travel to places and combat the challenges of constant adaptation to changes and unfamiliar settings. Consequently, the role demands a lot of flexibility, adaptability, and commitment to providing high-quality patient care and evidence-based care across types of healthcare settings. 

Due to their challenges, these nurses are paid higher and benefits along with a diverse clinical experience. They are also highly regarded for their varied experience in Gulf countries where the accessibility of healthcare is still moderate.

Governments are Addressing the Nurse Shortage Crisis:

The Times of India stated the miserable condition of the healthcare industry prevails in the nation, that the hospitals are running with only 30% of the nursing staff, and the shortage has adversely affected the services and patient care besides putting more burden on the current team. 

To be precise, according to the Staff Inspection Unit norms, there is a shortage of 6,168 nursing officers, 234 nursing assistants superintendent and 33 deputy nursing superintendents, and ten major hospitals of Delhi. If that is the case in Delhi, the capital of the nation, the southern part of India is suffering the hardest in history of this shortage. Therefore, the experts suggest massive campus placements for nurses and encourage healthcare chains to hire nurses immediately after college! 

The Finance minister of our nation also mentioned that for a country as large as India, the issue of shortage of health care professionals is never going to be resolved. Therefore in the endeavor to catch up, she announced the opening of 157 new nursing colleges and promoted campus placements. 

Experts suggest introducing a ranking system and competition so that the professionals are agitated and become more aspirational. Therefore considering the situation and the nurse shortage crisis, the demand for skilled nursing professionals is expected to reach heights.


With the wide range of career opportunities and rising demand of the nursing profession, gaining knowledge and skillset adds more value to your profile. The bolstering demand for nursing professionals is considered urgent by the government. Therefore the domain is never going to face a recession which increases its value even more. Thus if you are choosing nursing in this era, you are making the right decision.


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