Tips for Choosing Your Nursing College to Study in Bangalore

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nursing college in Bangalore

You need to ponder several things before determining the appropriate nursing colleges in Bangalore to continue your education. Besides the location and accreditation, you need to check how the pass-outs from the institutes do after completing their courses. Do not depend on the college statement in this regard solely. Try to utilize your channel. You will feel more confident if the college education makes you secure to pass the NCLEX exam. Needs differ according to students. However, the following credentials would help you make the best consideration.

 Classroom Structures

The classroom structure has a close relation to the preferred study style of the student. A preferred network may also help him or her flourish as a student. Some prefer small-sized classrooms where the teacher can put more personalized attention. Others do better in lecture halls.

It is a prime consideration as you need to pay optimum attention to your studies to achieve success.

 Level of curriculum

Like the Jubilee Mission College of Nursing, the nursing colleges in Bangalore start their training from the most fundamental level. They like to impart training to those who have the potential to become a nurse but may have failed to score the cut-off marks in the intermediate examination to start from the graduate level.

These people have the option to start from the base and move on to the advanced level after passing the primary one.

Sometimes, the cost also debars them from adopting a higher course. Reputed colleges offer placements at the end of each course. They can take the job and start to earn. Afterward, they can begin to handle higher studies. Colleges offer both online and in-class training in all of their courses. You will have to come to the college to have the practical classes only.


The Standard of faculty is an essential consideration for all career aspirants. Qualified and experienced teachers can only impart quality training in practical subjects like nursing.

Check the level of education that the faculties engaged with the institution possess. Modern nursing institutions stress engaging working doctors and experienced doctors as their teaching alumni.

The tutors at JMCN are engaged in reputed corporate hospitals. Their experiences not only enrich them with proper knowledge and understanding. These people may also help you get appropriate placements based on your merit and natural inclination.

 Approval and Accreditation

Accreditation is a mark of approval from a recognized agency regarding the quality and credibility of an institute’s training program. These agencies offer two types of approval – Institutional and Programmatic. In the former, they evaluate a school as a whole. The latter focuses on the selected educational programs offered in the institution.

Continuing education in an accredited nursing college in Bangalore may qualify you for financial aid. This is critical as the tuition fees in various institutions in the city are substantially high.

Accreditations will also help you apply to hospitals beyond those the institution offers in their campus placement. Almost all of the Bangalore institutions have AICTE approval.

 NCLEX Pass Rates

NCLEX, i.e., the National Council Licensure Examination, is a parameter used by various state boards of nursing to decide whether a candidate is ready to begin practicing as an entry-level nurse.

Various nursing colleges in Bangalore may take it as a benchmark to engage an aspirant in their program. Others are confident enough to impart their students with training that will make their students capable enough to start their careers as professional nurses. These institutes have ample faculty strength. Connections with the leading hospitals also enable them to provide placements in one of the country’s top hospitals. Employers in the country also do not stress about passing the test for the recruits.

Institutes like the Jubilee Mission have high retention and graduation rates. The management promotes those as better indicators for the success of their programs.


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