The Future of Nursing: What to Expect in The Next Decade?

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Main nursing colleges in Bangalore

While you are continuing a career course in nursing, we expect you to have some curiosity about the future of the field. Information on the future will also help settle your plan in the coming years. Therefore, we have organized a list of factors that will help you know better what nursing has in stock for you.

From the fact that hospital and clinical administrators are seeking more and more educated people in the field, the main nursing colleges in Bangalore need to play a more crucial role in navigating their incumbents to a more perfect and calculated future.

Factors Influencing the Future of Nursing

Shifting Demographics

With the rise of career opportunities, more and more people have infiltered the nursing profession, particularly during the last five years or so. Males are contributing more to the Nightingale profession to a massive extent from the outburst of the pandemic.  Bangalore nursing colleges have also paved opportunities for male nursing students. Reputed institutions like the Jubilee Mission College of Nursing have created separate campuses for male incumbents.

More Opportunities for Leadership

The additional need to stress to meet the increased healthcare needs in society and organizations made the mentors create posts of responsible leaders in the nursing profession. Trainee staff nurse recruits from the campus of leading Bangalore nursing colleges often gain the position of nurse executive in corporate hospitals.

These hospitals often promote their staff nurses to the rank of nurse leader, nurse manager, or nurse administrator based on the profile that the organization can offer.

The increased leadership opportunities in different corporate and government hospitals may need advanced degrees. The students in different disciplines of M.Sc. nursing can join these jobs after the successful completion of their courses. They can avail the opportunity via campus placement.

Role of Informatics

With progress in information technology, the methods involving patient data collection have also been modified.  With the inception of electronic health records, patient portals, and wearable devices, the service operators could make the information more structured.

The doctors and experienced nurses analyze the data and make suitable changes in the treatment procedure and clinical strategies.

The application of informatics has changed the way nurses record and communicate patient information. The demand for new sorts of responsibilities also helps create new positions. The corporate hospitals recruit qualified people in the following categories:

  • Clinical Informatics specialists.
  • Nursing Informatics specialists.
  • Clinical Analysts.
  • Clinical Informatics Manager.
  • Clinical Informatics coordinator
  • Nursing Informatics analysts.

The implementation of technology helps improve health outcomes. Like other software applications, Nursing Informatics also brings in cost-effectiveness.

Growth Need for Education

Our union health ministry has started to encourage members of the young generation to come to the nursing profession. Currently, both the government, private and corporate hospitals have planned to recruit a huge number of nurses and other healthcare professionals to meet the growing needs after the COVID-19 outbreak.

The nurses require more understanding of the diseases while helping the doctors in their treatment. Therefore, the organizations have decided to bring in quality blood. The new workforce thus comprises more of B.Sc. Nursing qualified people and higher.

Main nursing colleges in Bangalore are also pondering over including learning coursework in the M.Sc. Nursing and the Doctoral programs. It will help these people to join the nursing institutes to prepare more and more candidates to evolve as prospects in the nursing profession and serve the need of the nation.

Increasing Emphasis on Population Health

A portion of the qualified nurses in India decides to contribute to community healthcare programs. Their responsibilities include meeting students at their schools and helping them learn the importance of consuming nutritious foods and other fundamental health perspectives. Encouraging people about the importance of getting vaccinated is also part of their responsibilities.

Strategies like these also can bring about improvement in health outcomes. Treating disease at the fundamental stage also debars the treatments from being expensive.


The need for telehealth, i.e. virtual health care has grown multiple times after the outburst of Coronavirus. Telehealth technology helps patients manage selected aspects of their healthcare by accessing the portal. Nurses and doctors also contact them via the portal and offer advice and virtual prescriptions.

The system was started to help people who are temporarily unable to walk or come to the appointment. The system also requires a huge number of nurses to stay mobile.


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