Post Basic Nursing: Opening the Door to Exciting Career Options

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Nursing is one of the most significant career options to serve humanity. It is one of the noblest and most respectable professions worldwide. The career choice is full of exciting scopes and job opportunities, and your career journey as a nurse never gets stagnant. Different countries across the globe are in the process of improving and upgrading their medical facilities. Therefore, the demand for efficient and skilled medical professionals is always high beyond nations. A Post Basic nursing course is a 2-years course that improves the nursing knowledge and skills of professionals who already hold a nursing background. Proper career counselling after the 12th helps the students choose the right career path that is the best for them. Saint Alphonsa School of Nursing, one of the top Nursing colleges and schools in Bangalore, affiliated under the Karnataka State Nursing Council and the Government of Karnataka, provides students with post basic nursing courses under the mentorship of expert faculties. 

Various institutions have different criteria while conducting the post basic nursing course admission. The entrance exam plays the most crucial role in the admission process of a post basic nursing course. The students must undergo an interview and written test based on their performances. After post basic nursing training, students find ample career opportunities that offer the students a well-established career and a handsome salary. The blog will present the career options that you, as a nursing student, can enjoy after attaining your post basic nursing degree. 

Considering the career opportunities in nursing, a large number of students pick post basic nursing as a career option. In this section, we will discuss the options available for nursing students after completing their graduation course. 

Exciting Career Options After Post Basic Nursing Training 

1. Nurses in Super Speciality Hospitals  

The nurses in super specialty hospitals offer immediate and advanced care during medical emergencies such as accidents, burns, cardiac arrest, stroke, kidney failure, etc. Their job is to organise special clinical areas for investigative procedures and sterilise medical equipment and instruments after operations or any usage. Super specialty hospitals are mostly large in size and provide various medical services to patients. For that reason, hospitals need specialised and efficient nurses to handle the jobs associated with different verticals and offer the patients the best medical care. 

2. Nurses in Private Hospitals 

India, a developing country with a vast population, needs more hospitals and top-graded medical facilities. The growth of the Indian medical sector is on a constant hike. Government hospitals are doing their job well, but a significant section of the population is dependent on private hospitals to receive improved medical services. Therefore, the requirement for nurses is also getting high in private hospitals. After completing a post basic nursing course in one of the main nursing colleges in Bangalore, the students can secure a decent nursing job in a private hospital. Mostly, the salary of nurses depends on location; for example, nurses with the same qualifications receive higher salary packages in cities than they do in rural areas.

3. ICU (Intensive Care Unit) Nurse 

In ICU, acute patients receive advanced health treatment. The hospitals need ICU nurses to take care of the critical health issues of the patients and emergency cases. The nurses are well-qualified to operate medical equipment in ICU. The salary for ICU nurses ranges between 3.25 to 9 LPA. To work in ICU, you need a Diploma course in Critical Care Nursing; before that, you must complete a B.Sc. or Post Basic Course from a Government or Private Institute.  

4. Nursing Supervisor  

A nursing home or private hospital may have several nursing supervisors under one authority. The duty and responsibility of the nursing supervisors are to keep a keen eye on the existing staff and how they treat the patients. The supervisors create a roaster for the nursing staff to track their daily duties and responsibilities. Another job role of the nursing supervisor is to schedule training for the nursing staff. Most hospitals only recruit experienced nurses for supervisor posts.

5. Nursing Researcher  

Research and development play a vital role in the medical sector. Medical scholars continue working on different research processes. Therefore, the requirement for nurse researchers is on a constant hike. The research labs of pharmaceutical companies recruit nurse researchers. The salary range ranges between 2 to 4 LPA, and the researchers get further nursing opportunities in the course of their careers. 

6. Psychiatrist Nurse 

A psychiatrist nurse treats and serves a psychiatrist before and during the treatment sessions. The Patients who have to visit the psychiatrist are among the most vulnerable, so the nurses have to take extra care and attention while helping them recover. The awareness about mental diseases like depression and anxiety have increased in India in recent years. So, the requirement for psychiatrist nurses is high in India. The salary for this profession is approx. 4 LPA in India. 

7. Paediatric Nursing

Nursing homes and hospitals need paediatric nurses to help the paediatricians. Paediatric care means child care; therefore, the demand for these nurses is high in childcare homes and clinics. The nurses must take care of the newborn children and treat them based on their condition. Paediatric nurses are to offer help to the parents to provide the child with prescribed treatment by the doctor. The aspirant job seekers in the field need to complete post basic nursing and specialise in paediatric nursing in the master’s course.

8. Nurse Educator

Saint Alphonsa School of Nursing, one of the main nursing colleges in Bangalore, offers you the most basic nursing course to be a skilled and efficient nursing educator. Nurse educators assist patients and caregivers with educational needs, health management, and problem resolution across the care sector. Educators must collaborate with the medical providers, unit management, and patient care staff to plan, implement, and impart education. 

9. Paramedic Nurse 

Paramedic nurses provide medical care, attention, and transportation, and hospitals treat the ailing or injured individuals on the scene during emergencies. The nurses often work in conjunction with the local police station and offer immediate medical attention to injured or critically ill patients. Paramedics check a patient’s condition when required, and they can offer oral or intravenous medicine. Other crucial responsibilities include operating heart monitors, defibrillators, and other medical equipment and keeping track of heart monitoring devices.  

10. Community Health Specialist  

Community health specialists help people understand their health and social conditions. They offer advocacy for those who need it, making home visits to high-risk patients, nursing mothers, and elderly patients. They create groups and conduct individual meetings with the community people. The most basic courses teach you to be a perfect fit for community health specialists. 

To Conclude, 

Career opportunities are unlimited in the nursing profession. The blog has mentioned some of the exciting top career options in nursing in India. If you are an aspirant nurse, you must join one of the leading nursing colleges and schools in Bangalore. Saint Alphonsa College of Nursing will offer you the post basic nursing courses, and after completion, you can get reputed jobs in nursing homes, armed forces, sanatoriums, Indian Red Cross Society, educational institutes, Indian Nursing Council, etc. You can consult the professionals at nursing colleges and schools in Bangalore for further suggestions and advice. 



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