How to choose the right nursing college for yourself

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leading nursing colleges in Bangalore

Are you passionate about serving humanity? Do you want to start a nursing career this year but don’t know which college is best for you? A degree in nursing offers you a vast range of career options in India and abroad. Correct training and guidance from affiliated nursing schools can get you placed in recognized hospitals in India. But before you apply for any nursing program, you must keep certain things in mind. There are many leading nursing colleges in Bangalore, but finding the best college for yourself might seem tricky!

Here are a few essential points that should be considered before you send your application to the different nursing schools of your choice.

  • Always check INC (Indian Nursing Council) certification before registering for any Nursing program in India. The Indian Nursing Council (INC) is a national regulatory body under the Government of India responsible for organizing and maintaining the whole nursing system in India. You must check the INC certified list of nursing colleges yourself to assure that the degree you will receive is 100% real and reliable because some institutions claim to be INC approved, still in reality, they may not be on the INC-approved list. So, it would be best if you were extremely careful while choosing colleges for yourself!
  • Check whether the college you are going for has a reasonable job placement rate. Finding a job in the nursing sector is not very easy. Therefore, it is always rational to select a college or institute whose placement rate is relatively higher than the ordinary because it is a job that you will require at the end of your training program. Jubilee Mission College of Nursing has a well-established placement cell, and thus it is a suitable choice for pursuing your nursing degree. It has a satisfactory record of 100% placements provided to the students.
  • The following required point is the availability of adequate classrooms and clinical labs. According to the INC, nursing colleges and institutions must have anatomy, physiology, nutrition, nursing foundations, pediatric, and maternity labs. Each lab should have specialized equipment and instruments to be operated by the students.
  • Before finalizing your decision about a particular college, if you are leaving your home to pursue your nursing career, you must check whether it has good hostel facilities. Nursing colleges should have separate hostel facilities for boys and girls. The hostel facility should be well ventilated, have many amenities, be hygienic, and have a 24 hours security system. Proper electricity and neat and clean rooms should be there. Do check for these features in your college before enrolling in that institution.
  • Any college, be it a nursing college or a general degree college, must have a range of experienced faculty members. The board of faculty members makes any institution systematized and successful. You must check the college website and go through all the faculty members before taking admission. The institution must also have a principal, clinical tutors, teaching staff, and librarian.
  • Students seeking admission to the leading nursing colleges in Bangalore must not ignore this point: availability of your preferred course. If you are continuing for a post-graduation course, make sure your college has that speciality that you opted for. It is always advisable to choose the college after carefully examining the college course structure. If you get both undergraduate and postgraduate courses from the same college, it is best to choose that institution.

We hope that we have strongly provided you with a clear picture of choosing a nursing college in India. Follow the points discussed above and make the correct decision.


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