How To Become a Registered Nurse?

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Post basic nursing college

Post-basic nursing colleges offer advanced midwifery courses to students who have previously qualified for the General Nursing Midwifery curriculum. The designers have inculcated a holistic mixture of hands-on training and classroom lectures into the course.

The experiential learning that the experienced faculties with the Jubilee Mission College of Nursing (JMCN) provide makes the students confident enough to provide the best care to the patients. They start with monitoring the patient’s medical condition and continue with administering medications, communicating with doctors, and finally preparing the records.

Objectives of the Post-Basic Nursing Courses

The Post basic nursing colleges in Bangalore helps the General and Midwifery course qualifiers fulfill their ambition to become nursing graduate and make a further establishment in the nursing career. However, you can narrate the formal objective of Post-basic nursing courses as follows:

  • Helping the ground-level nurses to upgrade their knowledge and imbibe skills needed to respond to the changes in societal health needs.
  • Help the nurses attain particular skills to understand the need to provide quality medical services and learn the ways to provide these.
  • Develop research, administrative, and teaching skills.
  • Promote personal and professional growth. These will help them grab the emerging opportunities in the nursing field.


The applicant must have completed the General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) courses. They must have been registered as nurses with the Indian Nursing Council (INC) and have two years of post-qualification experience. A 10+2 basic qualification is mandatory for all applicants.

  • Most colleges including the Jubilee Mission College of Nursing (JMCN) adopt the process of direct admission for selected students for admission into the Post-basic B.Sc. Nursing courses. They held admission to the management cadre. The students can book seats in the desired colleges even before the commencement of the academic year.
  • GNM course qualifiers can also appear for a qualifying examination for admission into the Post-basic B.Sc. Nursing courses. The qualifiers get calls for counseling where they confirm their college for continuing their

Prospects – graduation Into a Staff Nurse

INC confirms the Post-basic B.Sc. Nursing course qualifiers’ registration once again. They have now become eligible for confirmed registration as nurses. JMCN provides campus placement opportunities for the qualifiers.

The hospitals where they were posted before opening into the course may also offer them a higher opening that carries higher remunerations and perquisites.

They can also continue with their studies and join the M.Sc. Nursing course with preferred choice. It is possible to continue education for them till they attain an appropriate quality to become nurse trainers.

Hospitals and clinics usually offer the following openings for the Post–Basic B.Sc. Nursing qualifying students:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant.
  • Nursing Assistants.
  • Nursing Instructors.
  • Practical Nursing Instructors.
  • Assistant Director of Nursing


The nursing profession offers its members an evergreen laddering opportunity. You can be confident about getting a job as the requirement of staff nurses in hospitals and clinics never ceases. People live long, fell ill, and come to hospitals for treatment. Nurses are the first to offer them the Midas touch of healing.

People expect nurses to meet all their expectations, and it makes the profession optimally challenging. Only a willingness to serve people in their distresses can bring success.


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