How Can You Decide Which Nursing College Is Right For You

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post-basic nursing college in Bangalore

Nursing is a noble act. It is a science and an art both. With thousands of career options, nursing is a career that is growing at a rapid rate. Choosing the right post-basic nursing college in Bangalore for yourself with hundreds of nursing colleges in India is a pretty hectic feat.

Because it is laborious to go through the entire application and admissions process, we have detailed some of the main points for you to go through before you finalize your decision to choose a particular college. Let’s walk together through the steps of selecting the right nursing school in India.

  • Select a college with an INC certificate. The Indian Nursing Council is a national regulatory body for nursing in India formed by the Central Government under section 3(1) of the Indian Nursing Council Act, 1947 of the Indian parliament. The INC establishes and monitoring standards of nursing education in nursing colleges across India. Promoting research and improvement of the quality of education is also a function of the INC. So, it is highly essential that the college you are opting for must be INC accredited. Even if you complete the whole course in a college which is not INC accredited, your degree will not stand to be valid, and in that case, you may not get any job at the end of your training program.
  • If you want to take up a college that is nearby, it is best to look for branches that are within the vicinity of your location. We often see that travelling to colleges and coming back home consumes enormous time, and there is little time for your improvement or study. Therefore, it is always a good decision to take up colleges within your proximity so that you don’t have to travel much because it may prove to be very inefficient and uneconomic for regular classes and during exams and other important events.
  • Even before choosing a nursing school, you first need to specify what exactly you’re looking for in terms of education. There are many colleges with quality nursing programs, but you can only explore them once you are clear about your objectives. You can either go undergraduate degree by choosing a Post-basic BSc degree in Nursing or an MSc degree in nursing. Candidates who will take admission in MSc Nursing should have completed their bachelor’s or undergraduate degree with a minimum score of 55%.
  • After you decide which course you must opt for, the next thing that you might want to consider is placements. Why do we educate ourselves? The answer is quite obvious. We all need jobs to survive. Also, what is the use of a nursing degree that doesn’t let you serve humanity? It is always reasonable to choose a nursing college or institute that has a placement cell of its own. You can then be guaranteed a job soon after the completion of your nursing training program.
  • Not to forget, teaching aids and instruments while teaching is also to be checked while deciding on a college for yourself. Best are those colleges that make learning simplified and easy. Nursing training from a good Post Basic nursing college in Bangalore should include a variety of teaching aids, including the traditional lecture method, high fidelity simulation, concept mapping, audio-visual methods, games, role play, case study, and more to ensure effective learning!

Having said about teaching aids, don’t forget to go through the college websites to explore the panel of faculty members that a particular college is providing. It is good and experienced teaching faculty that builds an institution. Each speciality should have at least one teacher. Apart from the teaching staff, the college should have enough non-teaching staff, a principal, clinical tutors, and librarians.


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