How Can You Choose a Good Nursing College in India?

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Before you drive into the nursing education in one of the top advertised nursing colleges in our country, make sure you have the things in you. Unlike a career in accountancy or secretarial affairs, being studious is not enough to succeed in a nursing career.

You will have to study a lot as the classroom training in various Nursing Colleges in Bangalore would educate you about the intricacies of multiple diseases and their treatment. At the same time, you will have to attend practical classes where they will create dummy treatment scenarios. These classes aim to prepare you for real-life situations. After a specific time, there will be clinical duties where you will have to handle patients in bed. Facing critical problems under a senior’s guidance should delimitate scares from your mind.

Besides handling the patient, you will learn to be apathetic in situations. Service attitude is an indispensable quality for a successful nurse. Love and care also should come naturally to you.

If you have those traits, read this article. I am offering you tips on choosing a good nursing college in India.

 Approval Status

Start from scratch before you start sending applications to Nursing College in Bangalore for admission. When going through the websites of various colleges, you must consider whether the institution has proper accreditation. It means the recognized accrediting agency approves both the college and its different courses. Indian Nursing Council is the affiliating agency for nursing courses in our country.

Do not opt for non-recognized colleges. These colleges will charge you much more than the accredited colleges. You will not find an appropriate environment for training and practice. Seldom any of them can provide you with training opportunities in a hospital. They will also deprive you of placement. Reputed hospitals and clinics never absorb candidates from a non-recognized nursing college.

 Training Policy

Be sure that a nursing college has enough learning materials. Adequate materials make the process of learning simple too. For instance, the audiovisual method is appropriate for making nursing training more effective. The top colleges thus arrange audiovisual aids for the students. These include anatomical charts, nutritional diet charts, community health exhibitions, disease transmission charts, nursing foundations charts, etc. Also, note if the institution invests in the areas that help make the training exciting and compelling.

Try to gather information about the classroom orientation principle of the reputed Nursing College in Bangalore. Top institutions have enough classes that ensure no bunking. Try to understand whether the institution prefers to conduct courses in halls or small rooms. Many college authorities think compact classes help the faculties pay better individual attention. Others vote for galleries as they think wider areas have more potential to imbibe knowledge among students. Think of the type you are comfortable with before sending the application.

The best idea is to visit the college for once. Ask the staff in the reception to allow you to see the classrooms. Check for the lights, fan, ventilation, etc. Well-furnished rooms are fit for audio classes. Usually, a classroom can provide sitting arrangements for 40 students.

 Standard of the faculties

The Indian Nursing Council (INC) wants nursing colleges to have an adequate number of qualified, trained, and experienced faculties. The top Nursing Colleges in Bangalore hire faculties with enough working experience in one or the other corporate or government hospital. These people can provide in-hand expertise. They make use of slides to describe different microscopic structures. Its impact is more than the earlier chalk-blackboard studies.

The Indian Nursing Council has also fixed the ideal teacher-student ratio in the practical classes. A faculty should not handle more than ten students in case of study situations or during hospital duties. Their circulation also demands that the institutions must have a principal with M.Sc. Nursing qualification, preferably with a doctorate. Other faculties include the Vice-principal, teaching staff, Clinical faculties, and mentors for the library.

 Library facility

You need to study a lot during the entire nursing training session. The teachers recommend huge study elements as references. Students cannot afford to buy so many books. They thus prefer borrowing those from the library.

Top nursing colleges usually have large libraries from which you can collect medical journals, periodicals, reference books, and magazines. These will offer you input about the latest incidents in the world of medicine and nursing.

The Indian Nursing Council checks the library before approving a college. Their criteria consist that the library must have 5000 books written by various specialties and other medical authors. The college should have membership in the leading medical journals in the world. People from the agency also check for the internal environment in the library. It must be a noise-free area with proper lighting and ventilation. Having an online reference system is also necessary.

 Laboratory Facility

Laboratories are practice hubs where the students do the in-hand learning of practical courses. In nursing laboratories, your clinical tutor will perform demonstration classes for you. In detail, you will learn about anatomy and physiology, nursing procedures, and medical instruments.

Check that your preferred institution has separate labs for anatomy and physiology. INC also checks that the college has independent laboratories for individual discipline. Besides anatomy and physiology, the college must have separate maternity and pediatric lab, community, nutrition, and nursing foundations lab.

The accrediting agency also checks that every laboratory has enough new and updated instruments. These must-have adequate practice areas.

 Ability to teach the preferred stream

Check out the specialties offered before applying to Nursing Colleges in Bangalore. Your choice reflects your mentality. Many students are satisfied with ANM and GNM courses. The majority among them are from comparatively weak-income families and looking for a job within a short time.

In this article, I am talking about persons who want to make a career in nursing. These people start their nursing career at the graduate level, i.e., B.Sc. Nursing. The colleges will offer vivid learning in almost all specialist areas required to start as a trainee nurse. You will get a high-pay job with strong career potential in either the Government or Corporate Sectors.

Specialty comes when you pass B.Sc. nursing and pursue your education at the Master’s level, i.e., M.Sc. Nursing. While conducting the post-graduate level of education, you will study one of the specialized courses based on your preference.

It is thus crucial for you to check if the college you are applying for offers the specialization you want. Migrating to another college to get a post-graduation degree hardly happens in nursing. You should also check that the post-graduation specializations also have proper accreditation.

 Residential Facilities

Living on the college campus becomes mandatory when the college is at a distance from your residence, i.e., you cannot manage the learning from the comfort of your home. Colleges usually allot one or two buildings to accommodate students coming from further away or from other cities and provinces.

It must allot separate building for boys and girls. Usually, they allocate dorms where three to four students share large rooms with a different cot or another staying amenity. There could be small rooms that a student can hire exclusively for him or her. The option is understandably a bit costlier.

Besides staying, you need to check for dining options. The presence of a canteen is usually expected. Ensure that the college dorms have proper lighting and sanitation systems, are well-ventilated, and have sources of continuous water supply. It is mandatory that the authority arranges for regular cleaning of the facilities and maintain the hygienic condition. Do not forget to check the access to a guest room.

 Ability to offer recreative facilities

Recreation is an unfailing association of learning. Students search for opportunities to hold cultural programs, arrange debates, drama, etc., during special occasions in a year. They like to unite and perform before a vacation, on special holidays, or on the verge of completing their terms as a memento to their association.

Providing facilities for such programs is an ethical responsibility of every college. Top Nursing Colleges in Bangalore have a large auditorium, i.e., an air-conditioned room to hold cultural programs, seminars, etc. Some also have additional rooms to conduct special teaching programs; those often carry recreative characters. Though not legally mandatory, INC also stresses that their accredited colleges must have space for recreation.

 Placement facilities

The assurance of having a job at the end of the course is what the students expect. Leading nursing colleges in India have strong contacts in the healthcare industry. These colleges utilize their connections in different hospitals to fill their entry-level opening.

Reputed Nursing College in Bangalore has strong placement cells that conduct training on personality development, updating soft skills, and other traits that help in enhancing your employability in the corporate sector.

Some colleges expect their students to search and seize jobs at their risk. It would be best if you avoid these companies. Grabbing a job that pays standard remuneration to its trainees is hard for a new pass-out.


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