From Classroom to Clinic: Why Nursing Students in India Love What They Do

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There are students who have developed a deep interest in the healthcare sector, and wish to move ahead as a professional. In the same industry, you can consider the career of a nurse. If you wish to bring a real difference in patients’ lives, nursing is one of the most suitable career options. The right educational qualifications, experience, and skills help you focus on a particular department in the nursing sector. For ages, India has successfully brought forth efficient nurses adept at serving various verticals. 

Whether you are a paediatric, Intensive Care Unit, or registered nurse, a nurse’s daily routine involves care and attention. It requires specific roles and responsibilities toward their patients. Especially after the pandemic hit the world, nurses have emerged as the fighters on the frontline. They never back off from a challenge in the course of their care services, no matter what. 

The nursing students’ experiences in the classrooms and their daily job activities as nurses in clinics and hospitals are incredibly challenging yet highly rewarding. Jubilee Mission Nursing College is one of the most eminent and authorised nursing colleges in Bangalore. It offers various nursing training courses to students to benefit society at large. Younger people with a knack for serving humankind are the best to pursue the nursing profession. In this blog, the professionals will explain why nursing students and professionals in India love what they do in the course of their medical journey. 

Why Do Nursing Students Love their Careers in Classroom and Clinic?

As per the surveys, nurses love what they do in the course of their profession. More than 90% of nurses are happy with their careers. They believe that they can bring a positive change in the lives of others. If are a pass out from JMCN, one of the top BSc nursing colleges in Bangalore, you will choose a path of peace. Here we present the rewards of choosing nursing as your career. The way nursing students receive the proper training, they understand the core of their job. The following section shows why nursing students and professionals love their careers in classrooms and clinics. 

1. You Can Save Lives 

As a nurse, you can actually save someone’s life which is a very rewarding experience. In a critical moment, the knowledge and skills enable you to deal with the situation and save people’s lives. It may include detecting an issue that might need proper medical attention. It can also include providing life-saving treatment and medication. Outside the job, you can also save someone from choking or breathing trouble. You can take care of people when they are the most vulnerable. You can ease the treatment process by offering them comfort and care.

2. You Can Go for a Specialisation 

A nursing career offers several paths to pursue further education. You can go for a specialisation that interests you, such as surgery, rehabilitation, oncology, paediatric, and others. You can serve different health facilities, such as working at a private workspace, nursing homes, public schools, or surgical centres. With all your skills and proficiencies, you can shift to another location based on your preference. If you intend to move out of the state, you only need to look into that state’s licence requirements.

3. There are Ample Growth Opportunities 

As you have gained some experience as a nurse, you will find there are chances to upgrade your career. You can become a clinical nurse leader or a nurse administrator or work as a nursing mentor to novice nurses. It is to have proper training, degrees, and certification to avail advanced opportunities. Along with that, you need to be open to a constant learning process to remain up-to-date. 

4. You Can Always Learn Something New 

In the last few years, the nursing profession has changed a lot. The objective has been the same, but the methods and technologies have evolved. As a skilled nurse, you can take care of your patients in the changing scenario. It implies that you always have something to learn. With the emergence of new treatment strategies and medical equipment, nurses can reboot and upgrade their skills with time. The nursing colleges in Bangalore always intend to impart more knowledge and new information to the students. It proffers them the utmost potential to carry their careers forward in the most efficient manner. 

5. Feel-Good Factor 

Last but not least, the feel-good factor comes in. As a nurse, you always feel proud because you can bring positive changes to people’s lives. The demand for nurses never gets low. They are the crux of the entire healthcare industry. Most importantly, nurses enjoy their job of serving people at their most critical moments. Job satisfaction is the factor nurses want the most. 

Additional Bright Sides of Being a Nurse

The nursing profession is a blend of strength and compassion in the healthcare system. WHO (World Health Organisation) has termed 2020 as the year of the Nurses and Midwives. Nurses played an extremely vital role during the critical and fearful phase of COVID-19 and served the patients with utmost care and support. 

No one could predict that the year would go like this. Only with the assistance of nurses in every hospital, healthcare clinic, and nursing home, the world could fight the crisis. Nurses have put their own health and safety at risk for the well-being of people and tried to protect individuals with all their care and skills. They are the strongest advocates for their patients at the local, city, state, national, and international levels. Several surveys have shown that nursing has ranked as one of the most trusted professions for the past many decades. The level of honesty and ethical sense associated with the profession makes the career option the most trusted one. The professionals offer physical, emotional, and mental support to patients and their families. In short, nurses empower patients to care for themselves successfully. 

1. Entrepreneurship Goals

Nurses are professionals who solve individuals’ health and emotional issues in no time. A high number of nurses have begun their own businesses in tech start-ups, travel nurse businesses, coaching classes, consultation hubs. They write blogs on physical issues using various social media platforms. For nurses who want to leave a more significant impact beyond clinical care, they can undertake entrepreneurship to improve patient care services. It is one of the most powerful options for nurses seeking non-traditional careers. Therefore, as a nurse, you can deviate from the traditional concept of joining a medical college, nursing home, hospital, or health clinic. You can start with your innovative entrepreneurial venture. 

2. Community Involvement 

Nurses are integral to their communities, whether volunteering at clinics, shelters, health fairs, or different homes. Nurses safeguard their neighbours with a strong and caring presence. They can promote a positive health culture within their communities by spreading awareness of various diseases and disorders. A community of nurses can take an initiative to help even the most marginalised population. They can offer healthcare access and develop a healthier community. When you have a nurse as your neighbour, you always feel a sense of relief as you will receive immediate medical help in any emergency. 

4. Leadership Role

With the constantly changing healthcare landscape across the globe, nurses play a critical role in both formal and informal leadership roles. Except for nurses, no one has a close view of unique patient cases, the patient’s perspectives, lifestyles, etc. Governments are getting more focused on providing responsible preventive care, the hospitals and clinics start positioning the nurses in the lead roles. It is to ensure better safety and offer excellent patient satisfaction. Ample opportunities for nurses are available everywhere. It enables them to lead healthcare organisations, from non-profit organisations to professional medical hubs to community. Nurses have the power to change, and they can voice the voiceless in society.

5. Educational Advancement 

Progressive education, advanced degrees, and specialisation allow nurses to practise their licensed scopes to the fullest potential. Nurses can continue their education by pursuing other programs such as graduate, master’s, or doctoral courses with specialisations. Several healthcare organisations cut off nursing courses or tuition fees to make educational advancement more cost-friendly. Our country witnesses a shortage of primary care physicians at different corners. There is a constant need for experienced nurses to meet the requirement.

To Conclude, 

Nurses are one of the basic pillars of our society. Nursing jobs require exceptional hard work. Simultaneously the job offers excellent career satisfaction to nursing professionals. The nursing students prepare themselves for the journey in their classrooms. When it comes to the profession, they win the ground with their strength, stability, and excellent knowledge and expertise. As an aspirant nurse, you can consult the professionals at the top BSc nursing colleges in Bangalore to receive further insights and suggestions.


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