7 Reasons To Choose a Career In Nursing

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Main nursing colleges in Bangalore

You seldom come across a career that is both financially lucrative and gives a high level of job satisfaction. Nursing is such a field of work. It is termed a noble profession, and several reasons exist. Nurses form the backbone of our healthcare system. They are the primary healthcare providers to the patients, provide emotional support, and do the most critical task of caring with a smile. Nurses save lives. 

So students who are looking to join a professional course after their 12th Board exams can opt for nursing as a career. It has monetary rewards, high job satisfaction, and high prospects. Just complete your course at a reputed nursing college. You can opt from the main nursing colleges in Bangalore for a safe, secure, and rewarding career. 

However, if you are among the ones who want to measure their options carefully before progressing, here are a few brilliant reasons you can pursue nursing as a career. 

High Salary

Passing from a Government approved nursing institute can help you land a nursing job in a reputed organization. Often, the leading nursing colleges in Bangalore hold placement drives in which you can join several reputed health organizations in your particular field of study as per your preferences. 

All reputed hospitals offer a high salary to their nurses. On top of that, there is a 10% salary increment every 18 months. So, you can easily guess how much earning potential you have as a nurse. 

High Level of Job Satisfaction

What do you cherish most in life? Let us answer that for you. You will remember those moments when your care made someone smile, or better, saved their lives. A nursing career is full of such moments from day one. 

It’s true that as a nurse, you have to be on a hectic schedule where you may have to take up work at weary hours of the night. But the reward you get when a patient gets out of his critical condition and gives a smile of relief is priceless. 

Moreover, you can maintain a work-life balance easily after a couple of days, and owing to job stability and career growth, nurses have a high level of job satisfaction. 

Good Learning Opportunity

With a high-paced nursing career, you get to meet with new cases every day, and that provides you ample scope for learning. A good career is where you get to learn and improve continually and become an efficient individual with skills and experience. A nursing career provides you with exactly that. After learning new things, you can easily opt for an even better job with higher salary growth.


Following the COVID-19 scenario, the demand for frontline health professionals, particularly nurses, is on the rise. 

Over 3 million registered nurses and midwives currently work in India and are responsible for the country’s 1.3 billion population. This number is significantly less than the WHO norm of three nurses per 1000. India needs a 4.3 million additional nurses by 2024 to meet the prescribed WHO norms.

So, the statistics show that there is a growing demand for nurses in India. Completing your nursing course from the best nursing colleges and schools in Bangalore will prepare you in the right manner so that you can aptly fill the requirements. 

Also, the demand for skilled nurses is high all across the globe. With nursing, you not only get to work with different areas and serve humanity but there are several international scopes for you to settle abroad with a lucrative and satisfying career. 

Flexibility of Choosing Any Specialization

Nurses do not always have to serve in the operation theatre. If you are not comfortable working with scissors and knives all the time, you don’t have to. There are several specializations in nursing, such as post-surgical care, cardiac patients, stroke victims, and a lot more. Nurses can even work outside hospitals in organizations like schools, prisons, large corporations, and insurance companies. Or in unexpected and unexplored areas, such as armed forces, hotels, spas, etc. 

Exciting Profession

There is not a single dull day in a nurse’s life. Each day can be different. With patients with different conditions and needs, you are always on the move and, at the end of the day, satisfied that your work made a difference in someone’s life. 

Respected Everywhere

Nurses are respected everywhere in Indian society. Nurses play a crucial role in serving and saving a patient’s life, and people recognize, appreciate, and respect these efforts everywhere in India. During the COVID-19 situation, nurses and midwives saved millions of lives. Apart from professional responsibilities, they are called sisters in their communities. 


Nursing is an exciting profession due to several reasons, and there is every reason to take up nursing as a career after your 12th. Mentioned above are a few excellent reasons you can take up nursing from the main nursing colleges in Bangalore. 

In conclusion, we can say that completing your nursing degree from a reputed organization like Vijaynagar College of Nursing can help you land in favorable grounds where you will not only learn the theories and practical nursing knowledge but will also get the exposure to establish yourself as a qualified nurse. 



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